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Pictographics Digital Color Technology is utilized in PictoColor's award winning, CorrectPhoto Digital Photo Editor, iCorrect® OneClick, iCorrect® Portrait and iCorrect® EditLab Pro color correction Photoshop Plug-ins and inCamera® ICC Digital Camera and Scanner Profiling software. Pictographics also develops OEM and Private Label software, such as Gary Fong's BullZeye color correction software

Pictographics Color Management Technology is a set of color correction and color management libraries that Make the Color Right. These libraries are available to software and hardware developers under Pictographics Technology  Licensing Program.

Pictographics® Digital Color Technology  
--Used Worldwide to Make the Color Right!

  OneClick Color Correction-Now Available for Licensing

Pictographics OneClick "Point and Click" Color Correction automatically corrects the white balance, exposure, and saturation with one click. And, with just one click you can create stunning Black and White or Sepia Tone photos.  The OneClick color correction is available for integration into computer operating systems, photo editors, online photo sites, social network sites, or any other digital photo software or hardware application. -More OneClick Information-

Point-and-Click White Balance, Color Cast Removal, Exposure, and Saturation Correction

The Pictographics OneClick Library is the color correction engine behind PictoColor's iCorrect OneClick Photoshop Plug-in and CorrectPhoto Digital Photo Editor.

Color Correction is Difficult without Pictographics Color Correction
The most difficult and time consuming digital photo editing task is correcting the color.  It is difficult because the tools in all photo editors are difficult to understand and use.  Not so with OneClick. With Pictographics' OneClick you can fix the color with a single click.  The color of this picture was dramatically improved with a single click.
Read more about this remarkable color correction.

OneClick Color-Original OneClick Color-Color correction OneClick Color-Black and White
Original Photo OneClick Color Correction OneClick Black and White

It took One Click on David's (the guy on the right) white shirt to fix this memory of Andy's first deer hunting adventure with his dad, Dave, and his grandfather, Ron. Here are are the simple CorrectPhoto steps we used to fix the color.

Click Here for more information on Pictographics OneClick Color Correction Technology

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